Machine Model Ercolina Upper Body Power Ercolina UpperBody Power with Power Meter Ercolina MOTO Ercolina Doppia Forza Ercolina Doppia Forza with Power Meter Ercolina Doppia Forza MOTO
Price (Italian VAT included) € 1194,38 € 1769,71 € 2316,78 € 1462,78 € 2025,20 € 2559,56
Price for export outside EU (duties of the destination country will be applied on customs) € 979,00 € 1450,58 € 1899,00 € 1199,00 € 1660,00 € 2098,00
Packed weight 12kg 13kg 13,5kg 16kg 17kg 17,5kg
Net weight 11kg 12kg 12,5kg 15kg 16kg 16,5kg
Size packed (LxWxH) 57x28x33 cm 57x28x33 cm 57x28x33 cm 57x28x33 cm 57x28x33 cm 57x28x33 cm
Size with minimum shoulder width (LxWxH) 54x22x24 cm 54x22x24 cm 54x22x24 cm 54x22x25 cm 54x22x25 cm 54x22x25 cm
Size with maximum shoulder width (LxWxH) 84x22x24 cm 84x22x24 cm 84x22x24 cm 84x22x25 cm 84x22x25 cm 84x22x25 cm
Force range for each arm (*) depending on speed of execution and regulation level 0-80kg 0-80kg 0-80kg 0-80kg 0-80kg 0-80kg
Selectable levels from 0 to 7th intensity Infinite Infinite 32 with motor use Infinite Infinite 32 with motor use
Suggested use for age range
Suggested use for competitive athlete weight
Suggested use for athlete carachteristics
Skilled skier
Competitive with experience
Olympic level
Suggested use for biological sex of the athlete
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