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About us

Ercolina Upper Body Power was founded in 1996 by Mirco Collavo. The need and desire to train for cross-country skiing, fulfilling in the same time the work commitments and the often adverse weather conditions, led him to invent his first Ercolina.

With years of dedication and passion, changes , and improvements, Ercolina has become an irreplaceable tool for the exercise of the cross-country skiers and biathletes.

Today Ercolina is among the best tools for dry preparation, suitable for beginners but also for those who want maximun performances in muscles strenght  and/or improve aerobic capacity. The perfect imitation of the sensation while pushing on skies and power boost offering are still inimitable.

Mirco Collavo Attrezzature Sportive, via del Fagher 12/b 32038 - Quero Vas (BL) ITALY

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Via del Fagher, 12/b - 32038 Quero Vas (BL) - ITALY

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