By buying Ercolina Upper Body Power The owner acknowledges that:

Ercolina has an optimal protection of the rotating parts at high speed: while the traction rope and the elastic recall that move at low speed have only partial protection. The user must check that there are no people in the area who may come into contact with the moving arms or machine parts such as rope or elastic.

Improper use of Ercolina, and/or interference with moving parts, and/or incorrect installation can lead to damage to persons or property.

When the machine is mounted on a wall, preferably the wall must be of reinforced concrete or brick. Plasterboard walls do not allow mounting dell'Ercolina. Must be used anchors suitable for the type of wall.

With other types of media, the user must ensure that the machine can not be disconnected from the media used.

Ercolina is built meticulously to be a valuable training tool. As in all sports practices is required common sense to avoid overloading the muscles, joints and the cardiovascular system. Each workout should be done gradually.

No damage due to Ercolina, to people/things* will be compensated by the manufacturer.

Each user must be aware of the presence of powerful permanent magnets inside the machine. These magnets can damage electronic equipment only if particularly close (less than 3 cm from the magnetic brake). Especially those who have a pacemaker implanted should not support the chest to the magnetic brake.

Each user must be aware of this.

(*) Excluding the case of damage due to manufacturing defects (not attributable to normal wear), in which case it will be replaced free of charge only (shipping included) component Ercolina damaged.

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